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DaBaby Slaps Woman In The Face, Toxic Twitter Reacts

If you thought had put all the struggle behind, you’d be wrong. The North Carolina rapper appears to have slapped a woman in the face, and was booed out of the venue before he could even perform a song.

On Saturday night (March 7), the “Suge” rapper was at Whiskey North in Tampa for his “Up Close N Personal” tour. While heading to the stage, a woman waved a phone in his direction to take a picture. What happened next will surely be a point of contention in court.

In footage of the incident, you can see DaBaby slap fire out of the woman. No matter how you try spin it, it was a vicious slap. The phone was right up in the rapper’s face, and does appear to have touched his face.

But umm, where was his security?

TMZ reports that after folks realized what happened, he was booed out of the venue. Soon enough DaBaby took to his Instagram story to explain himself, but it certainly won’t help his case.

Also worth mentioning is that DaBaby had just had a . However, police are still investigating that case, and are no doubt itching to get the rapper for something.

And right on cue, Toxic Twitter is chiming in (see below). Plenty of side-eyes to those saying DaBaby was justified. Who raised y’all?