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Chef Mary Jane: Kelis Announces New Weed Cooking Show On Netflix

While she isn’t atop the charts with her singing career has created a solid name for herself in the culinary scene. Following her passion has paid off as she just secured a bag with the largest streaming service in the world.

The Grio is reporting that will be bringing her talents to Netflix starting in April. According to her official Instagram account she will be hosting Cooked with CannabisThe caption details that it was not an opportunity she was necessarily seeking but she is embracing the chance to spotlight her love for food. “I’m really excited to announce my new show, Cooked with Cannabis on @Netflix!! Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my Netflix, so this is a dream come true. Interestingly, this was one of those things that I didn’t go looking for, it kind of came to me.”

She went on to detail how the series will not only spotlight different cultural approaches to food but also will incorporate the happy flowers into the recipes in a progressive way. “As a chef, I was intrigued by the food and as an everyday person, I was interested in how powerful this topic is in today’s society. In this country, many things have been used systematically to oppress groups of people, but this is so culturally important for us to learn and grow together. I hope you all will tune in, it’s definitely going to be a good time! We launch on 4/20! XO, Kelis”.

Cooked with Cannabis will be co-hosted by Kelis and Portland-based chef Leather Storrs. The show will be competitive in nature and will pit three chefs against each other to prepare meals based on a theme. “Cooked with Cannabis is a show where weed is a seasoning rather than the reason. It’s granular, educational, heartfelt and smart,” Storrs told Food & Wine. “The contestants had personal and romantic relationships with the herb and they knew its intricacies: medically, chemically, spiritually and as an intoxicant. Further, there was a real sense of community and camaraderie.”

The show premieres April, 20.

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