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Cheeky: Charlamagne Tha God Gives DJ Envy A Mold Of His Butt For Holiday Gift

The Breakfast Club has long been a radio program that isn’t afraid to get bare with their feelings on certain matters, but few would have been prepared for this particular moment. gave his morning show co-host a mold of his backside as a late holiday gift, and it isn’t clear if he’s going to get a similar gift back.

As shared on Tuesday (Jan. 7) but the show’s YouTube page, a hooded Charlamagne came into the studios brandishing a large gift box complete with all the holiday trimmings and flourishes, with the wrapping paper featuring an emoji of himself, a snowman emoji, a peach emoji, and an emoji old Kris Kringle.  The words “hole-hole-hole” are seen written on the gift wrap trim over the words “Happy Holidays.”

“It’s not secret Envy flirts with me constantly on the radio,” Charlamagne opens, with Envy denying the charge. “I tried to get this to him over the holidays because I knew he missed me over the past few weeks.”

After expressing how heavy the box is and referring to the items inside as “thickums,” Envy probably knew he was walking into a gag joke gift. With a straight face, Charlamagne breaks down the life-like features of the butt mod and instructs Envy to place his finger in the hole, which he swiftly declined before breaking down and doing the act with Charlamagne cheering the act on. Angela Yee largely stays out of the shot but can be heard dropping comments here and there.

Check out the unboxing of Charlamagne Tha God’s booty cheeks with DJ Envy and The Breakfast Club below.

Photo: Revolt

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