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Beyoncé Taps Lebanese-Dominican Fashion Designer For ‘Renaissance’ Album Cover

We are one week away from the release of Beyoncé’s new album Renaissance, and there are more reasons to be hyped than just the music. It seems like Beyoncé is digging deep into the Dominican community to bring the best in music and fashion to her new album. We already reported on the global superstar allegedly tapping Kelman Duran as a composer for her new album. Now, we have learned that she worked with Lebanese-Dominican designer Giannina Azar for her album cover.

Dripping in opulence in a sliver rope dress, Beyoncé is serving all of the looks we expect from the iconic singer. Azar designed the dress, and honestly, the look is definitely a statement. Paired with the white cowboy hat and the metallic horse screams wonder and artistry. The entire album cover is a perfect example of high fashion meeting world-class entertainment.

This album cover isn’t the first time that Azar has dressed some of the biggest names in entertainment. The fashion designer has been dressing celebrities for red carpets for years. Her use of metallic fabrics that bring movement to life has given her style a unique and whimsical beauty that looks good on everybody she has dressed.

It is so exciting to see someone from one of our own communities absolutely slaying their game, and Azar is doing just that. As the world waits to listen to Beyoncé’s new album, we are excited to see Azar’s stunning look grace the phones of all Beyoncé fans.

Way to go, mija! Here’s to many more exciting representation moments in pop culture.