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Bella Dose Talk New Single ‘Bite’ & Being a Bilingual Girl Group

Anuel AA and Yailin La Más Viral’s relationship is apparently going to the next phase. During a recent Q&A, the “Chivirika” singer told her fans that she and Anuel were working on starting a family together.

“We are in the process,” Yailin said.

When asked if she would prefer to have a boy or girl as a first-time mommy, Yailin was honest and said she would be happy with either sex but had her heart set on decorating the nursery in pink. “If God would do me a favor, let it be a girl,” she said.

If and when Yailin and Anuel have their first baby together, it will be Anuel’s second child. He already has a son named Pablo Anuel from his past relationship with Astrid Cuevas.

As they work on that first baby together, Yailin and Anuel have welcomed a new member to their family recently – a fluffy, white Pomeranian.

This year has already been a busy one for the couple. They released their first music collaboration together, “Si Tu Me Busca,” on March 31. “Being in love… one is full of inspiration, melodies, and creativity,” Anuel said in the press release about the new single. “It’s the best time to make music, and it is something we are enjoying a lot as a couple.”

Anuel also raised some eyebrows this month when he seemingly threw shade at his ex-fiancée for her performance at Coachella. Then, of course, there is always some tattoo drama. Let’s hope for less drama when the baby comes.