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Bad Bunny Now Has a WhatsApp Chat? — Here’s How You Can Join

Bad Bunny’s coming out of incognito mode. On Thursday (September 14), the Puerto Rican icon announced his new WhatsApp Channel, inviting fans from all over the world into one chat. The chat feature went global on the app yesterday (September 13).

“This is my whatsapp guys hehe do not pay attention to what they say out there if you did not see it here ok,” Benito’s new WhatsApp Channel bio reads in Spanish. The one-sided Channel currently has 231 thousand followers.

So far, the “WHERE SHE GOES” singer has sent a couple of messages to the public medium. The first message, or update as it’s referred to, was deleted. The second update is a selfie where he’s wearing a backward baseball cap and covering his face. The two following messages read “holaaaaaa,” and “siganme por aquí 🙂 [follow me here].”

Fans are thrilled about the new virtual chat connection. A social media user wrote: “this is surrealistic, in my life I never imagined that I would be in a bad bunny broadcasting group on whatsapp.” Others are joining WhatsApp for Benito. “Bad Bunny is on whatsapp so ima get on whatsapp,” an X user wrote.  

For those not in the know, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Officially launched in 2009, it has 62.3 million users in Mexico and 108.4 million in Brazil according to backlinko. To join Bad Bunny’s Channel, download the WhatsApp app through the Apple or Android store. Then click here for the channel link invite to view the Channel or join.

Some eagle-eyed fans think that Bad Bunny’s screen-recorded announcement could have teased a new release. During the screen-recorded Channel announcement through Instagram stories, Benito received what appears to be a video message from longtime video collaborator STILLZ. 

With new music seemingly confirmed to be released at the end of the year, social media users are going as far as speculating it’s part of his upcoming album marketing. A social media user wrote: “VOLVEMOS AL MARKETING 🔥😌.” Another social media user echoed the same sentiment: “Bad Bunny doing his promo through a WhatsApp chat is SO Latino.”

Though it’s unclear what he’s up to, we know that WhatsApp Channels is now becoming a thing. The feature aims to “deliver a private way to receive updates that matter to you,” and welcomes organizations, sports teams, artists, and more to their platform. Moreover, this isn’t exactly a new marketing tactic. Karol G uses a similar feature in Telegram as a way to connect and update her fans.