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Bad Bunny Impersonator Strikes Again, Fooling Fans in Southern California

Will the real Bad Bunny please stand up? This weekend, a Bad Bunny impersonator appeared in Southern California. He was seen in various locations, such as the iconic Santa Monica Pier, Los Cerritos Center in Cerritos, CA, and the Orange County Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. 

This isn’t the first time people get fooled by the same fake Benito. Last June, social media users believed that Bad Bunny was part of The National Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City–only to discover it was a fake double. Now, it appears the look-a-like, Alexis Ventura, is at it again, causing frenzies online and offline.

On Saturday (July 29), the fake Benito was seen “filming a music video” in Santa Monica, CA. A social media user wrote: “The one day I’m not in Santa Monica bad bunny is filming on the pier smh ?.” However, an eagle-eyed TikToker user, Rosaliz, wrote: “That is not Bad Bunny ??? thats the dominican guy that be acting like him ??.” 

The same day, social media users spotted “Bad Bunny” at Los Cerritos Center, a popular mall north of Disneyland. People recorded videos of the supposed Benito walking with bodyguards decked out in a Un Verano Sin Ti bucket hat. A TikTok uploaded a video with the text: “The SHEIN version of Bad Bunny at Cerritos mall.” Others believed it was the real him: “Oh bad bunny at Cerritos mall, my first real celebrity sighting ? what a day!!!” 

Later, more people saw the same impersonator towards the night. This time, he was at the Orange County Fair. A social media user wrote: “So bad bunny was just casually at the oc fair???” Another social media user wrote: “CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CONFIRM IF BAD BUNNY IS AT THE OC FAIR.” Again, the celebrity sighting was a fake one. However, ABC7 noted that the impersonator was convincing: “He played the part well, but true fans eventually realized it wasn’t really him.”

Where is the real Bad Bunny? Though we don’t know what he did that Saturday, fans know that Bad Bunny was in Nashville, TN, attending a 50Cent concert the day before (July 28). Benito keeps his outings so lowkey that even the American rapper didn’t know he was there. “I’m so mad at these people at live nation. They didn’t even tell me @KendallJenner and my man Bad Bunny came to see my show. Wait till I find out exactly who is responsible for this, They are not gonna want to be anywhere near this tour. ? WTF,” he posted online.