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Bad Bunny Finally Announces New Album Release Date

Bad Bunny’s new album Un Verano Sin Ti finally has a release date! Today (May 2), Benito announced his upcoming album will be coming out on Friday, May 6 — that means this Friday, people!

The new video clip posted on his Instagram account, Benito is welcomed by his girlfriend Gabriela Berlingeri and Spanish actor Mario Casas. The latter asks about the new album, to which Benito replies that it’s done and he will send it over for him to take a listen. The clip then shows Berlingeri kissing Casas goodbye, catching Benito off guard. However, it turns out that it was all a dream, as he wakes up to his friends at the beach. At the end of the clip, the album’s name comes up and its release date in red letters. Finally!

Naturally, there’s been a lot of Bad Bunny talk going on in the Twitter-verse since the video was uploaded. Twitter fans have been speculating that the highly-anticipated album will be composed of 23 tracks after Benito’s tweet with the word “Palo” written in 23 spaces. What we do know is that Bad Bunny loves to release albums during holidays, so Un Verano Sin Ti could coincide perfectly with Mother’s Day weekend celebrations.

Before this new album detail, it was also recently announced that the singer will star as Marvel’s first Latine superhero, “El Muerto.” This isn’t the first time he’s in front of a film crew, though, as he will be making his Hollywood debut this summer in Bullet Train alongside Brad Pitt.

And as if this weren’t enough Bad Bunny for the year, Benito will also be kicking off his international stadium “World’s Hottest Tour” at the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, FL, on Aug. 5, marking his second tour of 2022. When does this man ever take a break?