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Did Anuel AA Throw Shade At Karol G’s Coachella Performance?

It seems like the “Si Tu Me Busca” singer has a few things to share publicly about Karol G’s Coachella performance. After posting a series of Instagram stories, people speculate that Anuel AA is throwing shade at his ex-partner’s festival setlist on Sunday, April 17.

“I laugh. And they say that supposedly I’m the one that’s stuck in the past? We’re not in the old days anymore,” Anuel posted on social media. “I’m not the one that is dedicating songs after so much time.” He then posted another story: “And that’s the only reaction you’re going to get from me! Think whatever you want to think! If only people knew!” Knew what, Anuel? 

Because of the timing, the ambiguous message had the Twitter-verse rumoring that it had to do with Karol G’s recent performance at Coachella. Many are questioning if it was a diss towards her setlist choice.

Fans were quick to assume that it could be a reaction to Karol G performing “MAMIII” with Becky G for the first time. 

One Twitter user wrote: “Anuel is now angry because Karol G sang a song with Becky G, he already forgot all the spectacle he has done and that he snuck up on Karol G at El Choli begging her to please let him sing 10 minutes there and then came out to say ‘I didn’t even go for her, the people wanted me there’ TRASH.”

MAMIII” is the recent hit collaboration by Karol and Becky, scoring their Billboard chart peaks: No. 15 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and No. 4 on the Global 200 singles chart. For those who haven’t listened to the track yet, the chorus lyrics say it all: “No me vuelvas a llamar, hasta boté el celular / De lo tóxico que eres, se volvió perjudicial / Lo que se va, se va [Don’t call me again, I even threw away my cell phone / Due to how toxic you are, it became harmful / What leaves, stays gone].” 

I don’t know about you, but being called a “rata de dos patas” must sting a bit. Regardless of what Anuel meant by the cryptic Instagram stories, the Puerto Rican rapper is busy preparing for a tour. He recently released his collaboration with Yailin La Más Viral, his current romantic partner.