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Argentinian Actress Silvina Luna Dies at 43 Following Medical Malpractice Complications

Argentine model and actress Silvina Luna died in a hospital in Buenos Aires on Thursday (August 31). She was 43.

The Los Roldán and Poné a Francella actress had been battling health issues, including kidney failure, after undergoing a plastic surgery procedure in 2011.

“With deep sadness we say goodbye to our affiliate Silvina Luna,” the Argentina Association of Actors said in a statement. “For 25 years, she carried out active work as an actress, model and host. We embrace her family and loved ones at this time of great pain.”

According to CNN en Español, Luna was hospitalized several times in the last few months. She was receiving dialysis at least three times a week and waiting for a kidney transplant at the time of her death.

According to the Buenos Aires Times, Luna had been in hospital for 79 days before she passed. She was initially admitted with hypercalcemia, which led to kidney failure. Her health became more complicated after she was diagnosed with COVID-19.

In April, she posted an Instagram video sharing with followers some of the challenges she was facing. “Sharing this new routine in my life,” Luna wrote. “This machine I have connected to me does the kidney work. So, feeling thankful I couldn’t live without this machine.”

The last Instagram post-Luna made was on June 5 to update her followers on her health status.

After her death, friend and fellow actor Gustavo Conti wrote, “We’ve always loved you, we’ll always love you. We’ve gone down the same roads, we’re always together in my heart, because you are my chosen family.”

Aníbal Lotocki, the surgeon who performed Luna’s procedure 12 years ago, was sentenced to four years in prison and prohibited from practicing medicine for five years. He is currently free during the appeals process with many calling for Silvina Luna to get justice for the alleged malpractice she and many others have experienced.