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Appreciating the Mise-en-Scene of “Without You” by The Kid Laroi x Miley Cyrus

The Kid Laroi x Miley Cyrus’s mix of “Without You” has been creating a buzz recently, thanks to the top-notch production. The vibey project has been playing on all the major radio stations, and fans can’t get happier about it.

The remix version has an intimate yet spontaneous music video that perfectly fits the dominant carefree energy. In the video, we get to see Miley and The Kid Laroi performing the song and sharing chemistry. They are also surrounded by mushrooms and space neon lights, adding a special feel to the scene.

The Kid Laroi, 17, has set his feet in the industry in 2015, however, “Without You” turned out to be his breakthrough piece.

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Re-watch the music video below: