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Anuel AA & Arcángel’s Tiraera Saga Continues – & Even Karol G Gets Dragged In

The tiraera saga between Arcángel and Anuel AA continues. Last night (Dec. 19), Anuel AA dropped his second diss track called “Arcángel Es Chota,” where he also mentions his ex Karol G. 

Arcángel was the first to kick off the diss track saga with Anuel AA when he released the song “FN8.” The tiraera came about after Anuel AA and his team reportedly got into a scuffle with his ex-manager Frabián Eli Carrion at his home, who happens to be Arcángel’s brother-in-law. Rochy RD and Ozuna also caught strays from Arcángel’s wrath against Anuel AA.

Exactly one week after “FN8” dropped, Anuel AA responded with his tiraera called “Glock Glock Glock.” In the song, he said that Arcángel can’t score a hit without collaborating with Bad Bunny. While expressing his condolences for Arcángel’s late brother Justin Santos, Anuel AA implied that Arcángel used an image of Justin for his Sr. Santos album cover “out of convenience.” The next morning, Arcángel retaliated with “El Narcan,” where he claimed that Anuel AA had substance abuse issues.

Now Anuel AA has released his second tiraera called “Arcángel Es Chota.” In the 10-minute diss track, he goes off on Arcángel, mentioning Karol G and his previous enemy Cosculluela. Anuel AA calls Arcángel an “abuser” for the time he was arrested in 2019 for domestic battery against his partner. The Las Vegas district attorney’s office later rejected the case. Anuel AA also says that Arcángel needs to “come out of the closet.” He adds that Arcángel will never have another hit song again like Cosculluela.

Karol G got caught in the crossfire in one of Anuel AA’s lines. After dating for a few years, they ended their engagement in early 2021. In Spanish, Anuel AA says, “Karol G is more street than you / I was the one who made her a bichota / She was beautiful.” 

Arcángel appears to be ready to respond with a third diss track. In his Instagram stories, he asked, “How many times can you kill someone who is already dead?”

Listen to “Arcángel Es Chota” below.