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Anahí Pays Tribute to Karol G in Medellín – Karol G Reacts

Anahí and Karol G seem to have a strong bond. On Nov. 5, the Mexican pop star paid tribute to the Colombian pop star during one of RBD’s stops (Nov. 3 to 6) at the Estadio Atanasio Girardot in Medellín, Colombia. The result? An equally warm and heartfelt response by Karol.

RBD’s world tour is finally in Medellín. On Sun. night (Nov. 5), Anahí wore a pink shirt with the words “Team Bichota,” an endearing nickname for Karol. Fans cheered as the Mexican pop star removed her jacket to reveal her tribute shirt to the “Tusa” singer. She told her audience: “Carolina, love is repaid with love, my queen, I love you. You and me forever!” 

The heartfelt message reached the Colombian queen. She replied through an Instagram story: “Anahí, my queen. I want to share with you how deeply happy, surprised, and touched I am to be honored by you.”

She continued: “In a world where competition and self-interest often dominate, it is a true gift to find someone who genuinely recognizes the impact and value that other people have in your life. To know that even though you are living such a sublime moment in your career, you remembered me, thought about me, and planned a gift that was going to make me feel exactly the way I feel now….” She went on to say that she didn’t have the right words to describe the gratitude and happiness her heart felt. 

“It makes me very happy to know that you value and appreciate everything that happened to us together as much as I do,” she added. Karol G wrapped up the emotional post by saying she hopes their friendship and connection continue to be as special as time passes.

She also replied to the RBD member’s Instagram post: “There are no words 🥺 You and me X100pre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Later, she posted more Instagram stories commemorating the special moment they shared last year during Karol G’s performance in Mexico City.

Last June, Karol G invited Anahí as her special guest during her concert in Mexico City. The two stars sang “Sálvame” together, marking Anahí’s first time singing it in public in over a decade. Though it’s unconfirmed, fans hope the two repeat their duet during RBD’s last show in Medellín tonight (Nov. 6). We’ll have to wait and see.