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Alan Walker and Zak Abel drop ‘Endless Summer’

The acclaimed Norwegian artist Alan Walker is back with a brand-new single, “Endless Summer.” The single, a collaboration with British singer-songwriter Zak Abel, emerges just as summer reaches its peak. The blissful dance-pop melody perfectly encapsulates the joyful, carefree spirit of the season.

The song commences with earthy tunes transitioning into a harmonious chorus marked by a rhythmic bassline and subtle percussion, underpinned by an optimistic and uplifting message.

“Endless Summer” joins an impressive list of hits, following on the heels of Walker’s earlier single this year, “Dreamer,” as well as the more recent “Hero,” featuring Sasha Alex Sloan. Zak Abel, meanwhile, stands on the brink of a significant moment, with the highly anticipated release of his new album – “Love Over Fear,” set to launch on August 25. In the mean time, “Endless Summer” promises to be a summertime smash that leads the way to plenty more from both artists.