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Bedouin Dolphins Release Third Career Single ‘Robo Cricket’

BEDOLPHINS, the Ukrainian electronic duo, has released their third-ever single, “Robo Cricket,” which is now streaming on their self-founded recording imprint, WeWaves. The duo is determined to maintain creative control over their music by self-releasing all of their tracks.

According to BEDOLPHINS, the project began in 2021, and they have already completed 22 tracks for the project. In addition, they have released a one-hour all-original music mix and continue to release singles each month.

“Robo Cricket” is a sonically experimental track that showcases the duo’s innovative approach to music production. The song features organically synthesized arpeggiators and a staccato, driving bassline that creates a captivating atmosphere.

BEDOLPHINS’ sound is distinct and unique, combining elements of different electronic music genres to create a style that is all their own. Their music is characterized by complex rhythms, intricate melodies, and dynamic production, showcasing their incredible talent and creativity.

The release of “Robo Cricket” showcases BEDOLPHINS’ versatility and ability to experiment with new sounds and styles. The duo’s commitment to their self-founded recording imprint and creative control is admirable, and it allows them to produce music that is true to their vision.

As BEDOLPHINS continues to release new music, fans can expect more of their distinct and innovative sound. The duo’s dedication to their craft and passion for electronic music is evident in every release, and they are quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Listeners can stream “Robo Cricket” on all major streaming platforms and get a taste of BEDOLPHINS’ unique and captivating sound. With such talent and creativity, it’s no surprise that BEDOLPHINS is quickly gaining a dedicated following in the electronic music scene.