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10 Years After Hitting No. 1, 3BallMTY’s ‘Inténtalo’’s Legacy is Still Alive

MOTOMAMI season is officially upon us. The motorbike mami herself has been stringing a set of releases the past few months, each having its own sound and, of course, reaction. Now, another has fallen, with Rosalía serving the delicately sensual track “HENTAI.” But this time, the song comes during the week of her album release, set for Friday, March 18, making it a perfect taster for what’s to come.

The song itself is a soft piano-driven ballad on the delights of performing sexual deeds. Or, in simpler terms, receiving good dick. In the video, Rosalía flirtatiously sits on top of a mechanical bull, juxtaposed by an all-white virgin look, almost making you feel as if the time to lust over a lingering crush is now. Although the video is simple in its entirety, seeing La Rosalía covered in white sheets and frolicking in a grass field, the lyrics punch with sensuality. “I wanna ride you like I ride my bike/Make me a tape like Spike,” she sings. “I whipped it until it got stiff/In the second place is fucking you/In the first place is God.”

And, of course, fans are freaking out about the lyrics and video. Truthfully, it’s hard not to when the Spanish songstress delivers a new world for each song, bringing an exciting new reign of pop to life.

On Twitter, one fan commented under the video the lyrics to the song, with a quick snippet of Rosalía reading aloud “So so good” in a TikTok.

While another fan comments: “You don’t stop gifting us works of art.” 

As for the title, Rosalía admits it was a bold choice, choosing the name from her admiration for a specific anime-style known as Hentai, meaning “pervert or perversion” in Japanese. In an interview for El País, she explains the meaning of it all: “Many times, for me, what is not explicit is much more interesting, and ‘HENTAI’ seems for me to be very sensual and very beautiful.”

So this week, sit back and relax while the world of MOTOMAMI unfolds before us. At least we have “HENTAI” and a few other tracks like “SAOKO and “LA FAMA” to tie us over! Happy MOTOMAMI week!

Watch “HENTAI” below.