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YouTuber Grace Helbig Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis

YouTuber Grace Helbig has revealed that she has breast cancer in a new video posted on July 3, 2023.

“Okay, I don’t know how to do this, so we’re just going to do this. I have breast cancer,” she shared in the video. “I know. It’s very shocking, it’s very surreal, it doesn’t sound real, but it’s real.”

She explained that she received her diagnosis around a month ago and has been processing the news.

“It’s called triple-positive breast cancer, and from every doctor or medical professional or person that has any knowledge about cancer, they have said it is super treatable. It is highly beatable. We are going for cure, not remission here,” she continued.

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Helbig revealed that her doctors think that her cancer is Stage 2A and are planning on doing six rounds of chemotherapy, surgery, and hormonal therapy for treatment, which she described as a “very clear treatment plan.”

She also described her chemotherapy port placement as a “Nanopet” and said that being hooked up to the machine will be like a “little Roomba in a charging station.”

As for how she’s been processing the diagnosis, Helbig said she’s been “feeling every feeling all day long” but noted that she’s “thankful” for her husband, Elliott Morgan, and her family and friends for their support.

Helbig also addressed fellow beloved YouTube star Hank Green in the video, who recently revealed his own cancer diagnosis online.

“You’re probably also wondering… Have I talked to Hank Green? Yes, I have,” she shared. “I have been texting with him, and his videos have been so incredibly helpful.”

“Comedy, jokes, laughing, that all really helps me process very difficult things,” Helbig added. “I’m going to fight this little b—h of a thing in my left breast as best and as strongly and as gracefully as I can, pun intended.”

She also confirmed that she will be continuing her podcast, This Might Get Weird, with Mamrie Hart for as long as possible.

Fans reacted to the video with love and support.

“Can’t believe cancer got Hank Green and Grace in the space of a few weeks. Stay strong, Grace. You’re a tough woman. I’m sure you’ll get through this,” one person commented on YouTube.

You’re loved. You’re supported. Every healing vibe I have is headed your way,” another fan commented.

The YouTube star is the host of podcasts Not Too Deep and This Might Get Weird, and voices Cindy Bear on the HBO Max show Jellystone. She has also published two books: Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up and Grace & Style: The Art of Pretending You Have It, and hosted her own talk show on E! in 2015, called The Grace Helbig Show.

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