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You Can Now Listen to Red Bull Batalla Battles on Spotify

The largest Spanish-language freestyle competition, Red Bull Batalla, is gradually cementing its name in the rap battle industry. Today (June 29), the international tournament announced its official partnership with Spotify to create a listening experience for its fans. So, if you’ve ever been curious to dive into the annual tournament – here’s a good place to start.

Red Bull Batalla takes place in 10 countries, bringing out the best of their local rappers. The 10 currently participating countries and regions include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Uruguay, Central America, and the U.S. With the new Spotify hub, the dedicated playlists make it easier for listeners to find and follow each of their favorite freestyle rappers from all over the map – all in one place.

For those interested in exploring the freestyle’s previous battles, Spotify offers the remastered playlist “This Is: Red Bull Batalla,” where they have compiled a list of essential tracks from the hottest competitors. Here, fans can also hear the live versions of the tournament’s most historical battles, with the unique opportunity to relive the encapsulated reactions from the crowds. 

Furthermore, according to Spotify’s press release, Batalla fans will have the opportunity to dive into Spotify features, such as Lyrics and Storylines, which provide written commentaries by the battle’s author. This means that the listener will have the opportunity to explore the freestyle’s improvisations and have the backstory to it.

According to their announcement, the battles leading to this year’s grand final tournament in Mexico will also be recorded and remastered for an album format through Red Bull Records. However, fans can now stream previous competitions and original tracks from the most distinguished participants.

Check out the new Spotify hub featuring Red Bull Batalla below.