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Woman Reportedly Has Orgasm During LA Philharmonic Concert

Attendees of the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall got quite the show indeed Friday (April 28).

During the orchestra’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s famed fifth symphony, audience members reportedly heard what they concluded was a “loud, full-body orgasm” from the balcony.

According to The Los Angeles Times, audience member Molly Grant described the sound as a “scream/moan.”

“Everyone kind of turned to see what was happening. I saw the girl after it had happened, and I assume that she … had an orgasm because she was heavily breathing, and her partner was smiling and looking at her — like in an effort to not shame her. It was quite beautiful,” Grant said.

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Multiple people reportedly heard the sound, including composer and music producer Magnus Fiennes, who was in attendance and called the sound a “loud and full body orgasm” in a tweet.

“I think everyone felt that was a rather lovely expression of somebody who was so transported by the music that it had some kind of effect on them physically or, dare I say, even sexually,” concertgoer Lukas Barton said of the moment, per The Los Angeles Times.

Barton even called it “wonderfully timed” to a “romantic swell” in the music.

Classical pianist Sharon Su checked with the L.A. Philharmonic to get to the bottom of the case.

Su reported that it did indeed happen, and that the professional orchestra carried on like normal.

An alleged audio clip of the moment has even gone viral online, in which a screaming sound can be heard during a quiet lull in the music.

On Twitter, people were baffled and amused by the story and, naturally, they expressed their reactions via memes.

One person referenced a viral tweet about loving a song so much you want to, well, be intimate with it.

WARNING: Tweet contains graphic language.

“That lady is getting hers during Tchaikovsky V and what am I doing? Crying? Over men?????” another person tweeted.

Someone else dubbed it “the only correct response” to that particular piece of music.

See more hilarious reactions, below:

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