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‘Who’s Your Color Person?’ TikTok Trend Explained

If a TikTok trend is good and worthy enough, it will come and go, but return down the road.

The “Who’s Your Color Person?” trend first went viral in 2020 during the height of the pandemic. The trend has recently dominated For You Pages again, but what do all of the colors mean and signify?

TikTokers are sharing where they categorize people in their lives based on the color’s meaning created by the TikTok community. Some colors can vary in meaning, so it’s important to share a screenshot of the color’s description before you begin your video.

Although new less popular colors are being added daily with new meanings, let’s take a look at the main colors and what each signifies.

Who is your yellow person?

Like the color, this person is associated with sunshine and happiness. A yellow person could also be classified as your soulmate or hero in a way. You are able to forget about the negative when they are around.

Who is your red person?

Your red person is someone who you connect with deeply romantically or platonically.
They are loyal and one of your go-to friends that you can talk to about anything.

Who is your green person?

A green person is known for their generosity and for helping you grow as a person. They might have helped you or saved you and understands you and your life intentions unlike anyone else.

Who is your orange person?

An orange person is known for bringing the fun and who has impacted your life on a deep level but has known them for a shorter amount of time. They are the person you can talk to for hours on end.

Who is your blue person?

A blue person is known for the comfort and peace that they bring you. They are a big part of your support system and will never leave you.

Who is your purple person?

The purple color represents a person that makes your life better by just being in it. They are able to inspire you and bring out your authentic self.

Who is your pink person?

The pink person is someone you would do anything for and one of the people that you love the most. They could be your romantic or platonic soulmate.

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