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Who Is Beyonce’s Bodyguard Julius?

Not many people can steal Beyonce‘s thunder, unless your name is Julius.

Beyonce fans attending one of Queen Bey’s Renaissance Tour dates went viral on TikTok when they began screaming excitedly at a man named Julius — practically ignoring the music superstar standing on stage behind him.

In one viral video, audience members call out for Julius, who is standing between the stage and the GA barricade, as Beyonce floats elegantly down the platform behind him.

Julius appears to not give the fans attention and instead focuses on his ear monitor before he and Beyonce briefly exchange a confused look.

Another angle from the concert shows the fleeting bemusement on Beyonce’s face as she hears her BeyHive excitedly scream for her stoic staff member instead of, well, her.

Who Is Julius on Beyonce’s Team?

Julius de Boer is Beyonce’s personal bodyguard. He reportedly began working for Beyonce and Jay-Z sometime between 2008 and 2009.

Julius goes where Beyonce goes, whether that’s a concert, club outing, promotional event or even shopping. If you ever spot Beyonce out in public, Julius can likely be found beside or behind her.

According to Essence, Julius was even present during the infamous 2014 Met Gala elevator fight between Jay-Z and Beyonce’s sister, Solange.

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Julius also runs own international security firm called De Boer Global, which he founded at the age of 24. The company has offices located in cities across the globe, including Abu Dhabi, New York and London.

According to his company’s website, Julius was raised in the Netherlands and has a degree in psychology from the University of Amsterdam.

Variety reports he speaks five languages, is divorced and has a daughter.

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