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WATCH: Yeri Mua Taps Into Y2K R&B with Jey F on ‘Dime Si Tu’

Yeri Mua is back with new music. On Feb. 14, the Mexican social media personality and singer released her newest collaboration, “Dime Si Tu” featuring Mexican artist Jey F.

“DIME SI TÚ”💋🖤 DISPONIBLE YA EL VÍDEO OFICIAL🫵🏻,” she announced online.

Produced by The Broducers, the new music video features Jey F and Yeri trading flirty verses. However, it’s not a fairytale love story once Yeri reveals she knows he has another “shorty.” With lyrics like, “Ahora te acuerdas que sentimos cuando cuando estamos horny / Y el recuerdo te pеrsigue solo en tu memory [Now you remember what we feel when we’re horny / And the memory follows you only in your memory],” the popular Internet personality puts Jey in his place, reminding him their love is all in the past.

Known for her glam, Yeri Mua – born Yeri Cruz Varela – is seen decked out in various looks. In one frame, she’s in a purple and grayish turquoise sequin crop top and black pants paired with her fiery orange hair. However, perhaps her most memorable outfit is an all-blood-orange look with a furry coat and silky top, put together with a silver choker that reads “NASTY” around her neck. 

Fans are excited about the new song and music video. A YouTube user, @carolinehurtado.996, wrote: “It’s the best song Yeri has so far. She’s too cute.” Another YouTube user, @Molinillodeviento, wrote: “This is my favorite yeri mua song!!!!! MORE OF THIS STYLE PLEASE!!! And I loved the video clip❤.”

Currently, the new music video sits at No. 19 on YouTube’s Trending Now category. Moreover, this isn’t the first time Yeri and Jey make music magic together. The collaborators have also worked together on songs like “Chupón” with El Gudi, Alan Dazmel, and Oviña, and “Brattiputy” with Uzielito Mix, Alan Dazmel, El Gudi, and Oviña.

Watch the official music video for “Dime Si Tu” below.