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WATCH: Tokischa Recreates Her Songs For NPR Tiny Desk — & Performs Unreleased Track

On Oct. 12, the highly-anticipated NPR Tiny Desk performance of Tokischa is finally out. This release is the seventh installment of NPR Music’s ‘El Tiny’ takeover celebration that’s in sync with the brand’s Latinx Heritage Month initiative. 

It is no surprise that this particular NPR Tiny Desk performance has an advisory notice for explicit language from the start. If you’re a fan of Tokischa, you know that provocateur is basically synonymous with her name. The Tiny Desk performance features pleasantly surprising, reworked arrangements of some of Toki’s most popular songs.

She starts with her hard-hitting track “Perra,” which is originally a collaboration with J Balvin. However, in this version, she slowed down the tempo – converting it into a bossa nova, almost elevator-friendly track (well, if you don’t take in any of the lyrics).

She continues with “Hola,” her collaboration with Eladio Carrión. Toki’s flow takes the lead in this reimagined, stripped-down bachata-inspired version. She performs “Somos Iguales” in a more reggae, sensual style – completely transforming the original reggaeton track that features Ozuna. Even the bold and unapologetic track “Delincuente” is converted with a new merengue sound. 

Towards the last half, Toki performs “ESTILAZO” in a slow, piano-driven style. She finishes off with “Kilos De Amor,” an unreleased corrido. Throughout the performance, she smiles devilishly, singing her explicit verses in new unthought-of rhythms.

Social media users are showing positive reactions to her song’s shocking arrangements. A Twitter user wrote: “Regardless of Tokischa’s very explicit style, she was very versatile in the Tiny Desk session. Even street merengue is included.” Another Twitter user agreed: “Tokischa’s Tiny Desk band and musical arrangements” paired with medal emojis.

For this performance, the Dominican rapper stayed true to her nature of thinking outside the box — with fresh arrangements that showcase her Caribbean pride and musical influences.

What’s next for her? Will she officially release “Kilos De Amor”? If it’s one thing we know about Tokischa is that she keeps her fans on their toes.

Watch Tokischa’s full NPR Tiny Desk performance below.