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WATCH: Thousands Dance to ‘Payaso de Rodeo’ at EDC Mexico

Have y’all ever thought of participating in a massive “Payaso de Rodeo” dance with thousands of EDM fans? Well, neither did us, and yet it totally happened. While it sounds like a coordinating disaster waiting to occur, Mexican-American DJ Deorro actually made it happen during this year’s EDC México, which took place from Feb. 25 to Feb. 27 at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City.

One of the most epic dances to Caballo Dorado’s “Payaso de Rodeo” ever took place during Deorro’s set at the Circuit Grounds stage as part of Friday’s lineup, where he hyped the crowd to bring this moment to life. It is noteworthy that before dropping the iconic quinceañera playlist must-have, the DJ cautioned his fans to help others should they fall.

“Antes de empezar, si alguien se cae, por favor ayudenlo y levantalo. No quiero que nadie se me lastime. Todos juntos! [Before we start, if someone falls down, please help them and pick them up. I don’t want anyone to get hurt. Everyone together!],” Deorro told the crowd.

It appears from social media videos that the rave enthusiasts did the most out of the song and participated in the line dance. Well, at least to their best ability, being that thousands of other festival-goers surrounded them. Twitter users were full of FOMO (fear of missing out) once they saw this online. “Deorro put Caballo Dorado in his set. Is this envy that I feel?”

Another Twitter user comments: “Whaaat, how cool that Deorro put Caballo Dorado at EDC.”

Needless to say, Mexico City’s crowd enjoyed every single moment. However, it’s not the first time Deorro drops the famous Caballo Dorado song; he has been hyping up his Latine audience for years. 

As one of the biggest DJ names that represent the Latine culture, he is always actively pushing and participating in our biggest award shows, such as the Premios Lo Nuestro last week. “It was a great honor to share the stage with so many talented artists at Premio Lo Nuestro. Congratulations to all the winners! Now, EDC MEXICO LET’S DO THIS!” he said on a social media post before heading to Mexico City.

Now, who said that the “Payaso de Rodeo” is a cliché? We hope to keep seeing these multi-cultural DJs drop our favorite traditional tracks — and at the same, make sure everyone remains safe in the crowd!