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Juanes Embraces His Rock Roots In “Amores Prohibidos” Music Video

Juanes is returning to his rock roots in his new music video for “Amores Prohibidos,” released on Nov. 10. The Colombian icon rocks out with his guitar in the electrifying music video. The single is Juanes’ first taste of new original music in two years. 

Last year, Juanes released Origen, where he covered his favorite songs by rockers from both the U.S. and Latin America. In 2019, he dropped the album Más Futuro Que Pasado, where he explored other genres like reggaeton, música mexicana, and pop.

Juanes co-produced “Amores Prohibidos” with Sebastian Krys. He tears into the track with cutting guitar riffs while singing about savoring the fruits of a forbidden romance. There’s also a bit of a psychedelic edge to the song, reminiscent of the past rockers Juanes covered on Origen. For good measure, he unleashes a killer guitar solo at the midway point. “Amores Prohibidos” is a rocking return to form for the guitar-slinging singer.

“I believe Juanes has reconnected with his fearless, innovative songwriting that defined him early on in his career,” Krys said in a statement. “This song sounds 100% Juanes and is simultaneously unlike anything he has done before. Juanes has always been an innovator. Writing during the pandemic made him connect with his day-to-day life. His Children, his wife, his music, his fears, and passions. It is apparent to me that he has tapped into another level of musical exploration and curiosity which only a handful of artists ever achieve.”

“Let’s have fun and forget about what the other people think,” Juanes sings in Spanish. Interestingly, “Amores Prohibidos” could double as an anthem for his fans in the LGBTQ+ community, who are still judged today for loving who they choose to love. Juanes performs the heck out of the song in the music video that was directed by Jose Sagaro.

Juanes’ next album is due out in early 2023. Back in September, a biography on Juanes titled 1,577,836,800 Seconds was released in honor of his 50th birthday

Watch the “Amores Prohibidos” music video below.