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WATCH: This K-Pop Group Covered Daddy Yankee’s ‘CAMPEÓN’ & Killed It

When we say that Daddy Yankee is international – we truly mean it. On May 17, it became even clearer when the South Korean-Japanese group T1419 published an energetic and reimagined cover of DY’s track “CAMPEÓN” from his last album, LEGENDADDY

The new “CAMPEÓN” cover highlights the nine members singing and rapping in Spanish – for the first time ever – while meticulously performing original choreography for the reggaeton track. We see frames of them sporting all-black uniforms with leather pants moving across open space as smoothly as ever, effortlessly gliding among each other as they share the center spotlight. 

Towards the end of the video, the group delivers each precise dance move with a red and white alarm-like light on them that only amplifies their hard-hitting energy. In the last frame, the group then stands still with a power fist in the air – fittingly, since they delivered such a champion-like performance.

The surprise dance cover of “CAMPEÓN” comes after the K-pop band’s #BOMBONChallenge that they recreated on their TikTok through three different segments.

To their surprise, the first of their videos was then reposted by the Big Boss himself. Minutes after the repost, the K-pop’s Spanish-speaking fanbase, known as Edelweiss, took it upon themselves to manifest a collaboration. Little did they know, their idols would have this cover up their sleeve.

It goes without saying that the Latine T1419 fanbase is ecstatic about the cover and what’s to come for their Spanish-speaking community. A Twitter user speculates: “T1419 is confirmed to launch in the Latin American market. [A] possible collaboration with a Latin American artist, [a] possible spanish album, [a] cover of “Campeón” sung in Spanish. Tomorrow they are invited to a Spanish program…”

Could it be that they’re right? Well, for now, we can all watch the T1419’s cover of Daddy Yankee’s ‘CAMPEÓN’ below.