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WATCH: ‘SNL’s Marcello Hernández Represents ‘Short Kings’ During ‘Weekend Update’

First-year Saturday Night Live cast member Marcello Hernández has been generating some big laughs since he made his debut on the long-running sketch show back in October 2022 during the show’s Weekend Update segment.

It turns out Hernández’s biggest laughs over the last six months have come when he delivers commentary on Weekend Update – on everything from Latinos playing Major League Baseball to why a Latino would make a good U.S. president.

This past Saturday (April 1), Hernández returned as a guest to Weekend Update for his best sketch to date. In it, Hernández plays himself and talks to host Colin Jost about what it means to be a “short king” and why you should be proud if you are one.

Hernández started by defining what a “short king” is, but from the perspective of the women who call men by the nickname. “It’s basically something women say as if it’s a compliment,” Hernández said. “But it’s kind of condescending. Short king? It’s an insult followed by a compliment. You wouldn’t call someone a snaggletooth genius.”

Hernández went on to reveal that he is really 5’7 but will lie about it and say he’s 5’9. He also finds time to tease Jost after Jost tells him that he’s 6’0 but refuses to stand back-to-back with Hernández to prove it.

Instead, Hernández rattles off some names of other “short kings” that inspire him like John Leguizamo, Al Pacino, and the Minions. He also offers some options for nicknames if “short kings” isn’t catchy enough. How about “petite princes” or “tiny titans”? (Those are definitely going to be used now. Just you wait.)

If you want to watch the full Weekend Update, fast forward to the 11:50 mark in the video below to see Marcello Hernández explain why “Short King Spring” is something everyone should celebrate this year.