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‘Blue Beetle’ Fans Go Viral for Fake Marketing Campaign for DC’s First Latino Movie

Although a new, high-energy trailer for Blue Beetle debuted online Tuesday (July 11), fans of the Latine DC comic book superhero haven’t been very content with the marketing efforts (or lack thereof) behind the potential summer blockbuster.

Across social media platforms, fans, and other content creators have been posting their own fake images to drum up excitement for the upcoming movie. The viral faux-marketing campaign includes loads of merchandise, cameos in other movies, and endorsements from some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Interested in playing the Blue Beetle video game soon? Well, the product doesn’t exist yet but don’t tell whoever photoshopped one for the Nintendo DS console.

After a few hours, Blue Beetle was popping up everywhere – broadcasting on a video dome in Las Vegas to showing up on a TV monitor at a press conference with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

There was even an advertisement for Beetle Berry Blast Pancakes with Scarab Syrup at iHop and a Blue Beetle-themed Whopper at Burger King.

Off-the-menu merchandise includes a toilet, a vinyl album, and branded condoms.

You can even take your favorite superhero to your theater seats with a themed popcorn bucket.

Blue Beetle even made its way to the biggest hit of the summer Barbie.

Even filmmaker Martin Scorsese, who has stated in the past that he doesn’t think superhero movies constitute cinema, gave his seal of approval.

The studio also got Mother Nature in on the action by creating a brand-new fruit specifically for the release of the movie. Those would really go good with the Beetle Berry Blast Pancakes.

It might take millions of years for planets to form in the universe, but that won’t stop DC from going all out. Honestly, this guerilla marketing is one of the most impressive campaigns to ever not happen.

Blue Beetle premieres at theaters nationwide on August 18, 2023.