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WATCH: Shakira Teases Upcoming Collaboration With Fuerza Regida

Shakira is the latest Latine star dabbling in música mexicana. On Sept. 16, the Colombian pop star teased her upcoming track “El Jefe” with Fuerza Regida. Though it’s not out yet, social media users have a lot to say about the 15-second clip.

On Sept. 15, Shakira confirmed that she’d be releasing a collab with the Mexican-American group. The single’s promo seemingly started at the MTV Video Music Awards last Tuesday (Sept. 12) during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “I’m releasing a new song next week on the 20th, it’s called ‘El Jefe’,” she told the media outlet. When asked if she was the boss, she replied: “I’m not the boss in this song, but wait and see.” 

The new clip shows Shakira dancing to the música mexicana beat, decked out in an all-black outfit with a black cowboy hat. She’s also wearing high-heeled boots and a belt. Her moves look reminiscent of zapateado, combined with her iconic moves that emphasize her hips. Lyrically, she talks about someone who dreams of leaving the barrio and has everything but the money to be a millionaire.

Social media users are curious to hear Shak’s vocals in this genre. A TikTok user, marissaunimpressed, wrote: “She re invents herself and keeps herself relevant, love her.” Another user, hey_timor, wrote: “Is there any musical genre that doesn’t suit Shakira?!”

Others don’t know what to expect. A TikTok user, rosa_la_mexicana, wrote: “I don’t know how I feel about it yet…. I need to think about it.” Another TikTok user, brod412, said: “I’ll wait till Sept. 20, then I’ll say yay or nay. I will not get ahead of myself.”

On the other hand, internet users are commenting on her moves. “The Queen of Queens imitating Peso pluma 😱😱que que woooo everything fits this woman ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” TikTok user, mayramendez1227, wrote.

Though we must wait until Wednesday (Sept. 20) to hear the full song with Fuerza Regida, fans can pre-save it now. “El Jefe” follows Shakira’s last collab, “Copa Vacía” with Manuel Turizo. She recently also became the first artist from Latin America to receive the MTV Video Vanguard Award.