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WATCH: Pedro Pascal Goes Scorched Earth in Latest ‘Hot Ones’ Episode

Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us) was sweatin’ bullets as the guest on this week’s episode of Hot Ones, the hit YouTube talk show where celebrities scarf down 10 hot wings doused in different and increasingly spicier hot sauces while answering questions about their life and career.

During the seventh episode of the 20th season, Pascal went into the show thinking he “was really good at spicy food as a young man” with “young internal organs,” but didn’t know if his body would hold up now.

For his first wing, Pascal wondered how much of the wings and wing sauce would get caught on his “astonishing mustache.” Getting a little messy, however, wasn’t what Pascal really had to worry about. After answering questions about breaking male archetypes in The Last of Us and working with a mechanical Grogu in The Mandalorian, Pascal made his way to wing No. 5 where he joked that maybe host Sean Evans could gouge his eyes out like in his famous death scene in season 4 of Game of Thrones.

“It’s like, ‘That’s spicy. You should have another bite,’” Pascal said before going in for seconds and then making weird, mumbling noises. Later, he talks to the wings: “Just let me love you.”

After gushing over Nicolas Cage a bit (the two worked together on the 2022 action-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent), Pascal jumped to the most feared wing in the lineup, Da’ Bomb – Beyond Insanity. “You tell me I’m doing well [at the beginning], and then you try to kill me,” Pascal tells Evans. “Can somebody step in here and let me bite into their flesh? Can somebody give me a cup of blood?”

Pascal wrapped up his appearance by rubbing some ice cubes to his forehead, telling himself that he’s not allowed to vomit, and delivering a series of burps and long sighs. “I’m learning about where all my nerve endings are around my lips,” he said. “[My mouth] is scorched earth.”

Congrats to Pedro Pascal for powering through the gauntlet of wings, although we have to admit, Jenna Ortega has you beat.