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WATCH: Omar Apollo Releases New Personal EP With ‘Live For Me’ Video

Omar Apollo is back with new music! Today (Oct. 5), the Mexican-American pop star released his personal EP Live For Me. Apollo also dropped an empowering music video for the title track.

Apollo first previewed the Live For Me EP back in Aug. with the release of “Ice Slippin.” In the vulnerable track, he reflected on when he came out as gay and his family’s initial disappointing reaction. A few days later, Apollo released the music video for the song, in which stripped back all the layers to appear naked. In the rest of the Live For Me EP, he continues to look back on his coming out process and how it led him to become the man that he is today. 

The title track “Live For Me” best embodies the new chapter in Apollo’s life and career. In the soulful song, he offers his support to anyone going to a situation that is similar to his. While Apollo processed things on his own in “Ice Slippin,” he is now imparting his wisdom from the experience in this cathartic R&B gem. The music video, which was directed by Bandiz and David Heofs, shows him letting go with a lit match in hand.

The Live For Me EP also includes the new songs “Angel” and “Pilot.” The back cover of the vinyl release includes an uncensored painting of Apollo’s nether region. 

“These four songs are a reflection of the realities I’ve had to face in the last few years,” Apollo said in a statement. “Coming to terms with the person I was becoming and letting go of the old to be able to feel like myself and whatever purity I had left. Addressing parts of me I’ve compartmentalized, leaving myself feeling a bit exposed. I know it’s only four songs, but they hold a lot of the weight I’ve been carrying throughout my life. I feel lighter now and ready for the next phase of whatever life has to offer.”