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WATCH: Mexican Dad Goes Viral for Being BLACKPINK Stan — Here’s What Happened

If you’re a parent, you know that it’s part of the job to take an interest in the things your kids like. Whether it’s the TV shows they watch or the books they read, it’s important to at least make an effort to appreciate some of their hobbies.

One Mexican dad, known as El Camaleón on TikTok, got the memo. His daughter is such a big fan of the South Korean girl group known as BLACKPINK, he’s become a BLACKPINK stan too. His fanaticism was recently put in the spotlight when a video posted by TikTok creator Mairany M went viral for her interaction with El Camaleón. The video currently has over 32 million views.

During the exchange, Mairany asked El Camaleón to name his favorite singer, artist, or band. His answer, BLACKPINK, surprised Mairany. He told her that his daughter listens to the group all the time. Mairany then challenged El Camaleón to name some of the group’s songs as she played them on her phone. She offered him cash for every song he correctly identified.

However, it wasn’t really a challenge for El Camaleón. He named all eight songs with ease, including “Flower,” “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” and “Pretty Savage.” At the end, Mairany paid the dad, who she dubbed El Papá Blink on social media. In the coming days, she made a few more videos with him, including one where she asks him BLACKPINK trivia.

We’re sure if Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa knew about El Papá Blink, they’d give him and his daughter front-row seats to one of their concerts.