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WATCH: Los Esquivel & Marca Registrada Put Electro Corridos on the Map With ‘Alucin’ Music Video

Los Esquivel and Marca Registrada are putting electro-corridos on the map. On Nov. 29, the Gen Z duo teamed up with the Sinaloan group to finally drop the music video for their viral track “Alucin.” The result? A new party banger infusing electro house and música mexicana elements – just in time for the holiday posadas.

“🌎💥🏌️ “ALUCIN” VIDEO OFICIAL YA DISPONIBLE 🌎💥🏌️,” Sebastian Esquivel wrote online to announce the official music video release.

Directed by Fifty Fifty Cinema, the new music video features Los Esquivel brothers – Sebastian and Eugenio Esquivel – partying with Marca Registada’s vocalist Fidel Castro. The trio trade verses about living a luxurious lifestyle full of partying, drugs, and fame. The catchy chorus echoes: “A LU CIN  / Me dicen alucin / Lou lou y las pacas / Excesos y la fama” describing someone who boasts a trendy lifestyle known as the “alucines,” which refers to people who aspire and show off a lavish lifestyle, but don’t have it.

“Alucin” ties the brothers’ humorous social media content and music together. The Esquivel brothers are known on TikTok to make fun of the “alucin” culture. As far as music goes, they frequently post videos singing and remixing popular música mexicana hits, while busting moves, mostly inspired by Michael Jackson. Although their TikToks are based on humor, the Esquivel duo does release music together such as their recent tracks “Prendo Un Gallo” with El Padrinito Toys, “Dicen Que Soy Bélicon” with Yerai R, and “GUZBYE” with miguel cornejo. 

Fans are thrilled about the duo’s new milestone. A YouTube user, @YuriTrujillo_16, commented: “Proud of all they are accomplishing 🔥.” Another YouTube user, @kassselvdiaz9509, echoed the same sentiment: “So happy and excited to be here since they started with comedy videos on Tiktok ❤.”

On the other hand, this isn’t the first time Marca Registrada has explored the electronic dance soundscape. The regional Mexican band has worked in other house-infused bangers such as “ELOVERGA” featuring Alex Favela and Joaquin Medina. 

Check out the official music video of “Alucin” below.