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WATCH: ‘Last Week Tonight’ Breaks Down Why Bad Bunny Tickets Are So Expensive

If you’re one of the lucky Bad Bunny fans to get their hands on a ticket or two for his current “El Último Tour Del Mundo” or his upcoming “World’s Hottest Tour,” chances are you put a sizeable dent in your bank account.

Ever wonder why ticket prices to concerts like Bad Bunny are so outrageous? On Sunday (March 14), Last Week Tonight host John Oliver broke down why “tickets have been getting ridiculously expensive,” and it all comes down to “one of the most widely loathed companies on the planet” – Ticketmaster.

According to Oliver, the average cost of a ticket has tripled since the mid-1990s. That is not counting what happens to tickets before they hit the resale market where they skyrocket by hundreds in price.

First, Oliver points to Ticketmaster and its “completely batsh—” additional fees it attaches to its final ticket price. (Think of your Bad Bunny final ticket price.) It’s true that Ticketmaster shares these fees with venues, promoters and sometimes the artists themselves based on their contracts. But sometimes the fees double the ticket price or cost more than the ticket.

Then there’s the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation, two of the biggest sites for concert tickets. It has been reported that venues are “strong-armed” into using Ticketmaster and “retaliated against or threatened” if they do not comply. Oliver points out that if artists want to perform in a venue that has an exclusive contract with Ticketmaster, they must use Ticketmaster as their ticketing company.

Oliver also gives an overview of how, in many cases, less than 25% of tickets for top shows are released for purchase to the general public. Most tickets are scooped up by professional ticket brokers and credit card companies AKA the reason why you see certain pre-sales for specific cards when trying to book a concert ticket.

Finally, Oliver explains that if artists price their tickets below market value, exploitation in the industry is going to keep occurring and that’s simply not Bad Bunny’s style or would he ever do that because if there’s anything he knows, it’s that this artist is a stand-up guy or “a very good bunny.”

“While Bad Bunny could charge the going rate for every ticket that he sells, he probably doesn’t want to do that because he’d look like an a—hole, which he very much isn’t,” John Oliver said. “He’s not a Bad Bunny at all, despite the name. If he’s anything, he’s a very good bunny.”