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WATCH: Kenia Os’ ‘Bobo’ Music Video with Álvaro Díaz Is a Coquette Dream

Kenia Os is entering her coquette era. Today (Jan. 18), the Mexican pop star released her vibrant “Bobo” music video featuring Puerto Rican singer Álvaro Díaz. 

Kenia Os is coming off a major Latine pop breakthrough in 2023. Last year, she scored the biggest hit of her career with the flirty “Malas Decisiones.” The music video made Remezcla’s 10 Best Pop Songs of 2023 list. On YouTube, it recently crossed over 100 million views. The Universo K23 visual project accompanying Kenia’s album earned her a Latin Grammy nomination.

Kenia Os is pushing Latine pop to new exciting places with her latest single, “Bobo.” The song was crafted by Colombian producer Richi López, who released a reggaeton remix of Britney Spears’ “Overprotected” last year. This time around, López puts a synth-pop spin on the drum’n’bass genre. Kenia shines in the playful track as she sings a “bobo” who needs to stop beating around the bush. She’s tired of the inaction, and Díaz later springs into action with a slick guest verse. This unexpected pairing makes “Bobo” sound all the more sweeter.

Whereas there was a dark vibe to the “Malas Decisiones” music video, Kenia Os leans fully into the coquette aesthetic for “Bobo.” The term “coquette” has gone viral across social media, especially among Mexicans on X. The aesthetic has been roughly described as embracing a cute, girly, and romantic style. In the pastel paradise of the “Bobo” music video, Kenia exudes big coquette energy. She wears bows in her hair and a lacy pink bodysuit similar to the one Kali Uchis wore in the recently-released “Igual Que Un Ángel” video. 

Kenia Os is hard at work on her next album, which will also include her previous single, “Ojo x Ojo.” In March, she will perform at Lollapalooza Chile and Lollapalooza Argentina. 

Watch the music video for “Bobo” below.