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WATCH: Julieta Venegas’ Synth-Pop Comeback With ‘Mismo Amor’

Today (March 18), the pop-rock indie songstress Julieta Venegas released the first song and music video off her upcoming album, “Mismo Amor,” produced by Chilean electro-pop singer-songwriter Alex Anwandter. This is her first full album release since Algo Sucede in 2015 – and we are beyond thrilled about her new sound.

“‘Mismo Amor’ is a song that starts a new phase, which I am sure we are going to enjoy a lot,” Venegas says in a recent Instagram photo describing the highly-anticipated single.

In this new catchy synth-pop single, we clearly hear Anwandter’s disco-infused influence elements that distinguish him as an artist. Now embodying his musical vision through Venegas’ distinctive voice, the two are taking their talent to the next level, mixing the elements that have made them both pioneers in their respective music genres.

Directed by Anita and Lola Piñero, the intense mood is immediately set by theatrically showing a tightrope walker that foreshadows the slippery slope situations present throughout the video clip. We experience different scenarios where relationships are challenged. For example, we see instances where one of the parties presumably wants to get out of a situation that they’re in but struggles to avoid getting pulled back into it. The music video shows characters running away and crawling back into their given circumstance, going as far as metaphorically (and physically) showing Venegas tied into a relationship that she is playing a cryptic tug a way from, demonstrating how difficult it can be to get away from attachment.

Twitter users are thrilled to see Venegas’ comeback. A Twitter user says: “Julieta Venegas has given us her best comeback, those 7 years of waiting were worth it, Mismo amor is a gem.”

Another user says: “But what a perfect way to return.”

After Algo Sucede, Venegas released a conceptual album La Enamorada based on a theatrical project of Argentine composer and director Santiago Loza in 2019. After that, we heard her vocals on Tainy’s sci-fi ambient pop crossover reggaeton single “LO SIENTO BB:/,” which was a pleasant surprise to those who have followed Venegas’ dynamic discography.

Now, we are excited to experience her official comeback. It’s Julieta Venegas’ season, y’all!

Watch the video for “Mismo Amor” below.