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WATCH: Jenny69 Shows Support for Yahritza y Su Esencia After Backlash

Yahritza y Su Esencia is facing major backlash from their recent comments about Mexico. Since the now-viral press conference, the sibling trio publicly apologized. Now, they are receiving support from other Latine figures, like Jenny69, who has also dealt with negativity from her community.


Im still w you @Yahritza ima still bump your music??❤️ We too mexican for the americans and too American for the mexicans?? Not everyone likes chile OH WELL?

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Jenny69 uploaded a TikTok yesterday (Aug. 6) sharing her opinion on the situation. She started the video by saying she can relate to the siblings, with people having tried to cancel her plenty of times. “I get what she said, and like, I understand why people would get upset. But like, the hate to this extent is ridiculous,” the “Buchona Vibez” singer said. “Did you guys forget that these people are human? And [that] people make mistakes?” She continues saying that Yahritza hasn’t said her side of the story and that Jairo only liking chicken was funny to her because she has a lot of friends that are picky eaters. She also points out how there are people who people don’t like chile, and that critics are “dragging it [the comments] way too much.”

“I just feel like Mexicans–when you make a Mexican mad, like they’re gonna be on your sack forever,” she says at the end of the video. “I just feel like she don’t deserve hate like that. No cap.” In the video’s caption, she wrote: “Im still w you @Yahritza ima still bump your music??❤️ We too mexican for the americans and too American for the mexican. Not everyone likes chile OH WELL?.”

Later, Jenny69 uploaded an Instagram story saying that she never was “able to flourish as an artist to [her] fullest potential” because of the hate she received when she released her track “La 69” back in 2021. “I couldn’t think clear through the hate!” she wrote. “It’s forever gonna be a man dominated industry… or your own people gonna hate you.” 

Social media users have been bullying Yahritza and the band via their social media pages’ comments section since the press conference videos went viral. Since the backlash, the group has apologized to their fans. “We didn’t know how to express correctly or talk about what we like about the country, especially Mexico City,” she said in a TikTok video. “We said things that were out of line and now we understand that. We apologize to you guys from the bottom of our hearts. […] We appreciate when you let us know when something isn’t good or when you don’t like something because that way we can be better people.”