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WATCH: J Balvin Spotted Shooting Music Video With Mexican Reggeaton’s New Stars

Following his alien invasion-themed reggaeton Coachella set, J Balvin is supporting the new stars of Mexican reggaeton. On Apr. 16, the Colombian superstar was seen recording a music video with Yeri Mua, El Malilla, El Bogueto, and Uzielito Mix. The reggaeton enthusiasts are collaborating on a remix for the three latter artists’ hit collaboration, “G Low Kitty.”

Remezcla named the four emerging Mexican reggaeton artists in our 6 Essential Artists Leading Mexico’s New Reggaeton Wave list earlier this year. Now, J Balvin is boosting their music and taking it to the next level by jumping on a remix of one of the catchiest reggaeton collaborations originally released in 2022. 

Each of the new stars is over the moon by the upcoming remix. When asked about the collaboration in an interview, Yeri said she felt like she was in a dream because she grew up listening to the Colombian hitmaker, and that they made history in Mexican reggaeton. 

“This is a demonstration that dreams do come true, that there are times when you are not exaggerating what you want to achieve, always, always [with your] head held high and above all the effort, discipline, perseverance, and not listening to bad comments, I am very happy. Today is an achievement for Mexico,” she told El Gordo y La Flaca.

Her collaborators wrote about their experiences online. El Maililla wrote: “HoOoYy tUuVEE UnaaAaa CiiTa cOoOn JooOsEe, tq @jbalvin ….. THIS IS FOR THE MEXICAN REGGATON CULTURE 🔥🇲🇽,” with an Instagram carousel featuring behind-the-scene images from the video shoot. El Bogueto posted in Spanish: “Making history 🇲🇽🇨🇴 thank you legend @jbalvin for trusting in Mexican reggaeton 🌎 the rmx of the year is coming 😈.” 

Uzielito Mix also showed his gratitude: “Today I went through something very historic and great🔥🔥🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 @jbalvin thanks for the opportunity 🇲🇽🫡 REGGAETON MEXXXAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.” The song’s producer DjRockwel Mx was also part of the video shoot.

Each reggaeton artist has been leaving their mark on the scene lately. Yeri’s newest collaboration is “Bagatelle” with Alex Favela, Eugenio Esquivel, and Sebastian Esquivel. El Malilla is currently promoting his single “Dime” with Maury. El Bogueto and Uzielito Mix’s recent joint track is “Gato Ñero.” Moreover, El Bogueto and Uzielito Mix are performing at the highly-anticipated Baja Beach Fest 2024.

There’s yet to be an official release date for the remix. We’ll keep an eye out for details.