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Watch Dua Lipa Taking A Lie Detector Test With Vanity Fair

The global pop star, Dua Lipa, was featured on Vanity Fair to take a lie detector test. The 25-year-old artist was asked a bunch of questions; the first set was related to her career. Two people were accompanying Dua; one was looking at the graph and calibrating it, while the other was asking her the questions.

The second set of questions was related to ‘pop culture,’ and she was asked whether she watched British Reality TV and her answer was no. She also showed solidarity with the “Free Britney” Movement, saying that she is 1000% with the cause.

The last set of questions were titled ‘Your Life’ and she was asked a bunch of personal questions like what she thinks about getting inked with the significant other or if she has ever done a tattoo out of pressure. 

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To watch it full, see below: