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WATCH: CNCO Returns With Retro-Futuristic Banger ‘Party, Humo, y Alcohol’

CNCO has returned stronger than ever with the certified banger, “Party, Humo, y Alcohol.” The band — formed by Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Christopher Vélez, and Zabdiel De Jesús— boldly introduces their new era, taking a twist on their own form of Latine pop. The track marks the band’s first single of 2022 and third track released as they became a group of four, after Joel Pimento’s departure from the band in mid-2021. 

“Party, Humo, y Alcohol” tells the story of a modern woman who breaks free of the constraints of a toxic relationship and decides to take back the reins on her life. Masterfully twisting the foursome’s beautiful vocals and the fun and bouncy retro-futuristic pop sound, CNCO has created a song of the summer to heat up our chilly January. 

The video for the track shows the boys, each clad in a corresponding sparkling silver outfit, while girls clad in various glamorous futuristic outfits dance on a white stage, possibly showing the song’s protagonist trying on different versions of herself after shedding the weight of a toxic partner. 

As everyone knows, the CNCOwners (the CNCO fandom) are some of the most loyal and passionate fans ever. Their Twitter reactions ranged from shock and excitement to loving chaos. And after that music video, we totally get it. 

One fan expressed how badly we all want to hear this song in a club (which, God and CDC willing, will be soon):

In the spirit of fans absolutely losing their minds, one user wrote: “GUYS CNCO SHIT WHAT A GOOD SONG THIS IS AMAZING.”


Honestly, this sums up our mood on the whole event. Top panel: “Homer, why are you dressed so elegantly?” Bottom panel: “Today is the release of ‘Party, Humo, y Alcohol,’ my boy!”

Judging by fan’s reactions (and the incredible time I had in my room pretending to be breaking up with my imaginary crappy boyfriend as CNCO cheered me on), this track is sure to be a HIT, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was topping the charts by the end of next week.

Watch the video for “Party, Humo, y Alcohol” below.