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WATCH: Brie Larson Fangirls Meeting JLo at 2024 Golden Globes — ‘I’m Going to Cry’

It’s not every day that someone gets to tell their idol how much they have been inspired by them. That’s what Oscar winner Brie Larson (Room) had the opportunity to do in person at the 81st Golden Globe Award ceremony Sunday night (January 7) in Beverly Hills when she found herself talking to multi-hyphenate star Jennifer Lopez.

During an interview on the red carpet with Entertainment Tonight, Larson was asked how she handles being in a room with so many high-profile celebrities.

“I just try to be as present as possible because it’s the chance of a lifetime,” she said. “You’re just surrounded by legends everywhere you look. I was just standing right there and Oprah walked by me. Oprah just walked by me! It’s hard to go, ‘I’m not in a dream.’”

During the interview, Brie turned around and saw that Lopez was standing behind her. “Oh, my God!” she said, looking a bit flustered. “I’m going to cry. I can’t deal with J.Lo.”

Lopez then made her way toward a visibly shaken Larson who was holding her hands to her face. It looked like Lopez was just passing by, but it was evident that Larson wanted to say something, so Lopez stopped to say hello. The two stars hugged, and Lopez told Larson that she was a fan of hers. Then, Larson let it all out.

“I saw ‘Selena,’ and it made me want to be an actor, and you’ve always meant so much to me,” Larson said. “It’s been a dream of mine. So, thank you so much. Your work ethic is so important.”

After fangirling a bit, Larson then joked that she was going to have to do a shot of tequila to calm down. We’re hoping Larson and Lopez found each other at the bar later that evening to talk about their favorite Selena cumbias.