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WATCH: Bad Bunny Takes Us Back To The Late ’90s with ‘Neverita’ Video

This is not a drill: Bad Bunny’s latest video, “Neverita,” is out today (Aug. 22)!.Yes, the Un Verano Sin Ti’s era is still going strong, all while Benito is on the road for his World’s Hottest Tour.

The STILLZ and We Own The City-created video features a ’90s and early 2000s vibe that transports you back into the MTV and TeleHit days of watching endless music videos. If it looks familiar to you, it’s because it references shots of Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente,” released in 1999. The entire video contains bizarre yet interesting moments that bring you nostalgia, thanks to retro effects.

Besides the iconic similarities, one of the video’s frames shows Benito dressed in a sun outfit, dancing to the lyrics: “Me siento como el sol, ey, cuando te pones sunblock / Baby, déjame entrar, dale, quítame el lock, ey.” In the frame right after, a girl puts sunblock on a cow and then gets abducted by a UFO. 

Once the verse of “No sea’ mala,’ me tienes de meme” starts, Benito recreates and references a popular meme, making sure not to miss the song’s lyrical opportunity. Towards the video’s end, Bad Bunny shows the Puerto Rico flag and ends the video with the words: “en honor al mejor video de todos los tiempos.”

Fans are beyond thrilled with the video’s creativity. A Youtube user Victor M. wrote: “Bad Bunny is a genius. Despite what they say, he knows a lot about the genre and others in general. He is very versatile and always brings new ideas like this wonderful music video that reminds us of the past. Bad is the hardest of them all.”

Another Youtube user, Marco Antonio C-G, wrote: “When you wonder if Bad Bunny is UNIQUE, think about what other artists in the genre dare to do things like this? Just Benito being Benito.”

Prior to “Neverita,” the Puerto Rican icon released videos for “Me Porto Bonito,” featuring Chencho Corleone, and “Titi Me Pregunto.” 

Watch the music video for “Neverita” below: