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WATCH: Bad Bunny Fan Has a Blast at Concert…Dressed as a Shark?

It’s true that Bad Bunny has fans from all around the world and from all walks of life, but we never knew some of them were from the animal kingdom, particularly a shark. That’s where TikTok user Alan Camarillo (@alanbrito984) comes in. 

He recently attended a Bad Bunny concert in El Paso, Texas, dressed in a shark costume. Yes, you read that right. An actual shark costume.

“I bought it two years ago for this moment,” Camarillo wrote on TikTok. The video shows Camarillo inside the sold-out Don Haskins Center on Friday (February 11) for Bad Bunny’s “El Último Tour del Mundo 2022.” Dressed in a blue shark outfit, Camarillo looked like he was having a blast at the concert, jumping around and dancing.


On a caption in the video, Camarillo wrote that it was his “dream of being able to dance ‘Safaera’ at a Bad Bunny concert with my shark costume.” The song “Safaera” is a track featuring Jowell & Randy and Ñengo Flow from Bad Bunny’s 2020 album YHLQMDLG.

In another portion of the video, Camarillo is so pumped, he pulls back the headpiece of the costume and proceeds to dance on the stairs inside the concert venue. After the concert, another video shows Camarillo sitting down enjoying a bag of popcorn. Of course, dancing that hard would make anyone hungry – especially a shark.

Another video that Camarillo posted shows him singing and dancing to Bad Bunny’s 2021 song “Yonaguni.”

Camarillo’s shark costume was reminiscent of the “Left Shark” character who became famous for freestyling during Katy Perry’s halftime show performance at the 2015 Super Bowl. We’re not sure if Camarillo’s shark video will go that viral, but with the 11 million views it has amassed in only three days, the sea’s the limit.