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WATCH: Adele Talks About Love for Dr. Simi Plushies After Being Invited to Visit Factory

It’s no doubt that Adele is a fan of Dr. Simi plushies. On Sept. 23, a video of her explaining her admiration for the toys started circulating online. It turns out she recently learned the background of who makes them and welcomes more plushies on her stage.

In the video recorded on Sept. 22, Adele explained to her fans what a Dr. Simi plushy is and how they are a sign of affection given by Mexican fans. She also says that she recently found out more about the toys. While her iconic piano intro to “Someone Like You” played, Adele told her audience that she “found out loads” about them last week due to a video Dr. Simi sent her inviting her to the factory where the famous dolls were made. 

The video of Dr. Simi shows him thanking and inviting the English singer-songwriter to the CINIA factory where they make the plushies. He shows Adele how the plushies are made in a factory where they hire people with disabilities to produce them – or “Simi dolls,” as Adele calls them.

“I didn’t know that they were all made by disabled people… it’s such a beautiful story. I had no idea, and everyone’s been giving them to me dressed up as me. So they’re wearing my hairstyles or my outfits, and stuff like that. They’re so beautiful,” Adele tells the audience. She also shares how she’s put some in her dressing room but has run out of space. “But if you have any Simi dolls for me, and I don’t see you, just throw them at me. That’s not a problem. Not at my face, not at my face!” she tells the public.

Lately, Adele has been embracing her inner-Adelita. During Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16), fans gifted her a Mexican rag doll, a colorful headband, and a full-sized Mexican flag, which she wore around her back while she performed “When We Were Young.”