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Uplift: Diddy Talks Of His “Dark Depression” To Kick Off 2020

Life has plenty of high and plenty of lows. knows this all too well and took to Instagram to discuss the “dark depression” he was dealing with throughout 2019.

“2019 was a crazy year,” said Diddy in a two and half minute clip he shared on IG. “It was a great year for some of us, and for some of us that sh*t was really, really, really hard, man. It was a hard year. And umm, I’m going to tell everybody that went through a shift, and had a hard year, and dealt or is dealing with heartbreak or loss or just not knowing where they’re going, depression…”

When Diddy spoke of loss he was no doubt referencing the sudden passing of his longtime ex-girlfriend and mother of three of his children . While he did have an this year, it was reportedly delayed multiple due to Porter’s absence.

He added, “The energy was real, real heavy out there. I even got affected by it. 2019 was the year I honestly felt like I wanted to give up. But there’s this thing, God’s not going to put nothing on you that you can’t bear.”

Then Diddy kept it an extra buck.

“For a whole year I went through a state of dark depression,” he added. “I’m telling you this because I had so many people to help me. To help lift me up.”

Diddy appealed to the masses to lift each other up (i.e. if you see a friend is down), and it’s a poignant message for the start of a new decade.

Peep his commentary below.


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