Kevin Germanier, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Rosh Mahtani of Alighieri discuss fashion’s new frontier as part of an upcoming live conversation

This coming Thursday (April 22) marks Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, the event serves as a reminder of the vital role we have to play in protecting our planet, and encourages us to reassess the ways we are making change.

It’s a particularly poignant day for fashion. As one of the most destructive, polluting industries in the world, in recent years fashion has begun to wake up to its responsibility to do and be better – with countless brands pushing towards a more sustainable future through rehauled manufacturing processes, carbon offsetting, and more. That’s not to say there’s not a huge amount of work to be done, however.

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One avenue the industry is exploring right now is circularity. From The RealReal’s partnership with Gucci and Selfridges’ initiative which sees pre-loved items hit the shop floor once again, to adidas’ commitment to turning seen-better-days sneakers into new, innovative products, fashion is intent on creating less waste from the outset – giving items a new lease of life through a myriad of different means. 

Discussing this move towards circularity and what it means for creativity this week are Kevin Germanier, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Rosh Mahtani of Alighieri. With Germanier known for his sparkling, sustainable approach to fashion, Bahnsen as star designer of Copenhagen Fashion Week, and Mahtani for her esoteric, award-winning jewellery, the three will join Sally-Anne Limb of Spring Studios to talk what it means for the industry, as well as them personally, when it comes to their craft. 

The talk marks the latest instalment of the creative communication agency’s #SpringTalks series, and takes place this Thursday (April 22) at 4pm (BST). Sign up to join.