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Travis Scott’s Jumbo Hermès Bag Is Peak Luxury

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… a giant Hermès bag? Today in New York City, rapper Travis Scott was spotted carrying around a jumbo luxury bag that could possibly be seen from space. In it, you could fit all your laptop and chargers, your clothes for the week, and possibly even several puppies, too. Scott gets bonus points for pairing it totally nonchalantly with an Ozzfest tee, jeans, sneakers, and chains.

The brown crocodile-leather style, called Haut à courroies, was the first product that Hermès ever released (the label calls it “the oldest member of the family,” and it was released at the beginning of the 20th century). Originally designed for professional horse riders to carry their saddles in, it’s used more as a luxury travel bag today. 

It’s also totally hard to get. Customers at Hermès are invited to purchase a “regular” Kelly or Birkin—not anyone can simply roll in and buy one—so you can imagine how much more difficult it is to secure an extra-large one like the Haut à courroies, which can go for upwards of $23,000 on the secondhand market. Scott is not the first star to cop the coveted bag, however: Katie Holmes, Pharrell, and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted carrying it as well. It’s the ultimate status bag. Why have a normal Hermès when you can have a supersized one?