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Tokischa’s Sold-Out Show in NYC Brought the Best & Worst of Crowd

Fans huddled into Tokischa’s first-ever show at Terminal 5 in New York City on March 30, which she sold-out. She delivered an incredible performance that was almost overshadowed by the numerous fights that broke out during the show, causing the controversial Dominican rapper to leave but later return.

Twitter was flooded with posts from the show last night, praising Tokischa and making jokes about the concert. However, what everyone couldn’t stop talking about from last night were the numerous fights that broke out before, during, and after the show. It’s still unclear exactly what caused each fight to break out, but the venue (which has a capacity of 3,000 people) was filled with people.

One Twitter user wrote, “Mad fights at the Tokischa concert last night, and I got a tukuntazo from a water bottle that was thrown.” During the concert, she stopped the show and went off stage to talk with the person in charge of security. She spoke to them and later came back. One of the girls fighting was kicked out of the venue, but Tokischa didn’t know why and asked the crowd, “Why is she getting kicked out? Don’t kick her out.” The crowd then shouted back and told her that the girl had been fighting. After hearing that, Tokischa said, “Mandanle mucho amor,” and continued her show. 

“I loved how [Tokischa] kept trying to bring the peace through all the fights that kept happening at the concert,” one person tweeted. She stopped her show and asked people not to fight, telling the crowd, “No peleen!,” or “don’t fight.”


With such a crazy start to her takeover in the U.S., fans are still excited to see what Tokischa’s crossover will look like. She’s already selling out shows in New York City and is set to perform at festivals all over the country this summer, so it’s only a matter of time before she starts making even bigger moves of her own.

Despite the setbacks, fans focused on the positives from the night. One fan praised the singer saying it was a beautiful experience overall. The sold-out night ended on a high note with a heart and a Dominican flag.