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Casio Talks the “Shakira Effect” on the Brand’s Watch Sales

Casio watches trended online after Shakira mentioned them in her diss track “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53” against her ex Gerard Piqué. Piqué responded to Shakira’s song by saying he received a sponsorship from Casio. On Monday (Jan. 23), Casio denied the partnership with Piqué while acknowledging the rise in watch sales since the song’s release.

Earlier this month, Shakira teamed up with Bizarrap to release “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53.” Many of Shakira’s savage lyrics against Piqué and his current girlfriend, Clara Chía Marti, went viral. While comparing herself to a Rolex and a Ferrari car, she likened Piqué’s relationship with Marti to downgrading to a Casio watch and Twingo car. A few days after the song’s release, Piqué mentioned during a live stream with King League that he and the group received sponsorship from Casio.

This week, Casio’s marketing director in Spain and Portugal, David Zuazua, interviewed with Reason Why, where he talked about Piqué’s alleged sponsorship and the “Shakira effect” on sales. Zuazua dispelled the sponsorship claim while adding that Casio is neither Team Shakira nor Team Piqué.

“I could answer you in more detail if we had triggered that, but it is not the case,” Zuazua said. “I guess [Piqué] got worked up since it was his first appearance. I insist that our brand positioning has always tried to be neutral and away from the media show.”

In a post on Instagram by Casio’s Spanish division, the company maintained neutrality amidst the “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 53” frenzy. 

“If we have learned anything these days by reading your comments, it is that Casio is a beloved brand throughout the world and throughout the world,” the message read. “Since we are not official sponsors of any side, we are committed to a space of respect and harmony. So whether you’re a king, you’re a wolf (loba), or you’re Pikachu himself, you’ve proven to be from Casio.”

Zuazua also talked about how Casio’s watch sales have increased since the release of Shakira’s song. “I can confirm that thanks to the Shakira effect, sales have been spectacular. On Saturday (72 hours after the song’s release), Casio’s sales were brutal. But the best thing is every day [sales] are much better than last year,” he added.