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TikToker Stopped By Customs For ‘Too Hot’ Passport Photo

Customs stopped a passenger after believing that the passport photo was “too hot,” to be the person in real life.

Social media influencer Alisha Marie claimed that she almost missed her flight and was delayed boarding after an interaction with customs. Officials delayed her after comparing her passport photo, featuring her in full glam, compared to her real self in the airport. Marie donned black athleisure attire with her hair up in a baseball cap along with a makeup-free face.

“I’ve never been SO HUMBLED IN MY LIFE,” she captioned a TikTok after the encounter, which reached over 15 million views so far.

“They almost didn’t let me on my flight because they said I don’t look like my passport,” she said of officials when she was making her way to Istanbul, Turkey. “This is why you should never do hot photos for your passport because I don’t look like this.”

“This is a perfect video for the passport makeup trend unless you gonna do the whole makeup and outfit then it’s no problem,” one user wrote, referencing the 2022 viral trend of getting made up just to take a passport photo.

“I’m amazed they let you use that as a passport photo… you’re not allowed to have your hair cover your eyebrows because they have to see the whole face,” another user pointed out.

“My passport photo is so bad and now I’m offended that they know it’s me lol,” another added.

“I got carded at a bar once and the bartender said ‘damn what happened,'”

Recently, Marie had to return to the “scene of the crime,” at LAX in Los Angeles where she would be flying to Italy on a hosted brand trip. This time, she came fully prepared.

“Told I was a catfish at the airport, came full glam so this doesn’t become my legacy hahahaha,” she captioned a new TikTok. She showed off her completely blown-out hair with bangs while she redid her lip gloss.

“We are not letting this s–t happen again,” she told her viewers. “So I came in full glam.”

“HAHAHA imagine if the airport employee is the same as the last time, they’ll be like ‘Ooh.. I see it now’ ??,” a viewer wrote in the comments. Luckily, Marie apparently didn’t have any trouble with border patrol or customs questioning if she is who she says she is.

Watch the final video, below.

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